Why I’m Thankful This Year

last november, carol finished all of her treatments, both chemotherapy and radiation.  and so i’m very thankful because she made it through that hellish year, and is still healthy and cancer-free.  it’s good to be finished with that chapter of our lives, but that’s not the only reason i’m thankful this year…

a little context first: one of the side effects of carol’s chemotherapy is early and permanent menopause.  two out of the three drugs she received for treatment cause infertility in woman over 30, meaning because the chemicals that are used damage their eggs too badly.  but we weren’t complaining because we already had two beautiful daughters, and an amazing son as well.  and so we were resigned for the most part when we were told that we wouldn’t be having any more children.

but apparently, God didn’t get that memo:

yup, we’re pregnant again!  lesson is: never tell God what He can, or cannot do.  i think sometimes He sees that as a personal challenge of sorts.  and so, in june of 2012, God willing, we will welcome a fourth child into the Chin family!  needless to say, this was a complete surprise to us, given that it was supposed to be biologically impossible and all for us to have any more kids.  but we feel deeply blessed and thankful to be given another child, and can’t wait for him or her to arrive!  i just have to figure out where we’re going to put this one…

and now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to call the doctor to schedule a minor procedure for myself next week.


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