“Before You Call”, Daphne Rademaker

I tried to write three different devotional posts today, and all of them sucked.  Okay, they didn’t suck, but they were below my middling standards.  There are some days that you can’t write anything encouraging, and have to sing it instead.  So here’s one of my favorite songs of all time, “Before You Call“, by Daphne Rademaker, amazing lyrics that have brought me to tears time and time again.  If they don’t do the same for you, you are simply not human.  And forgive the shorts – I was doing yard work earlier today.

Come to me, my people, come 
There’s no need to be afraid of Your Father
When I see you, I will run
I will be there, I will be there

Before you call, I will answer you
While you still speak, I will hear 
My ears are turned to the cry
Of My chosen ones
In my love you can rest in me
For you are My very own
So hold on to the hope you have
That I would draw you to Myself
For I will never leave you alone

I will not forget you,
I gather My lambs in My arms
So I will comfort you and carry 
you close to my heart


2 thoughts on ““Before You Call”, Daphne Rademaker

  1. peter, could you email me the chords? i think i’ve figured ’em out before, but i’ve enjoyed your arrangements. you’ve had a good sense of what’s timeless when it comes to worship music; thanks for doing/sharing this.

    1. thanks sara! i don’t know if i even know the chords off hand, i just kind of do it by feel. but i’ll figure them out and email them to you!

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