The Start of Treatment

***A very happy birthday to our youngest daughter! An update as Carol gets ready to start treatment:***

Thanks to everyone who gave to the GoFundMe fundraiser – we were able to exceed our goal of $20,000 in less than two weeks! Carol and I are so humbled and encouraged by your generosity and support. All of our financial needs should be covered at this point, but we’ll let people know if things change, especially when we know what systemic treatment Carol will be undergoing.

Carol begins her daily proton therapy treatments this Monday, which will go on for three weeks. Thankfully, proton therapy has very few side effects. Instead, the impact is really on our schedules as Carol will have to be out of the house three hours of the day, one hour to get there, one hour for treatment, and one hour to come back. But thankfully I am able to decrease my hours at church in order to be home to take care of the kids when Carol is out for her treatments. I am incredibly thankful to have a caring and generous church that allows me such freedom, I know that it’s a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy…

Even though we’re really just getting started in this difficult season, Carol and I are excited and relieved that treatment is finally beginning since it’s already been two months since she was diagnosed. Some ways you can pray for us during this season:

  • Pray that the proton therapy would be effective in completely destroying the remainder of the tumor. Also pray for Carol’s doctors to have wisdom as they determine what kind of treatment will follow afterwards.
  • Please pray for Carol, for the physical energy to go out for daily treatments after a long day of taking care of the kids. Also, pray that she would spiritually and emotionally sustained by God during this time.
  • Please pray for the kids, as they transition to a summer schedule and would have fun as they attend various summer programs and camps. Pray also that God would be with them as they process their mom’s sickness, and they  would be gentle on their dad as he takes on a larger role in taking care of them on a daily basis.
  • And please pray for me (Peter), that I would be able to balance the load of helping out more at home while still leading and preaching at the church.