Update: Waiting & Watching

An update on Carol – thank you all for your prayers!

We met with her oncologist on Monday afternoon, and he gave us the same advice that he had given last month: that we should not do any systemic treatments like chemo at this point, and instead scan regularly. If/when something reappears in those scans, she can start systemic treatment at that point in time. And because of all of the exhaustive testing that was conducted in the past few months, we can be more confident in the treatment’s effectiveness.

We had been thinking about this situation for a while, and told our doctor that we felt comfortable with this decision. Although it is very different from how they treated her last time, this seems like a better way of doing things. I feel like this new approach reflects all of the new treatment options that are available, which is encouraging. Amazing that in just seven years, triple negative breast cancer went from a nearly untreatable condition to one where we have the luxury to wait and choose different treatments!

So Carol will be going in for a scan in October to see if she has any evidence of disease. If there’s an issue, she’ll start some form of treatment. If she’s clear, she’ll have another scan a few months after that…and another one after that…

…And that’s the only discouraging part of the news, that there is no foreseeable “end” to this process, where she will be absolutely done with treatment and we can move on with our lives. Instead, we’ll be caught in this watching and waiting phase for a while…years?

But this is not so bad, not in the larger scheme of things. Far better that we should have to watch and wait rather than feel like we are cornered in a desperate situation. And rather than moving on with our lives after treatment is completed, we’ll just have to choose to move on with our lives right away instead!

Thank you everyone – we are so blessed and encouraged by your love and your prayers!