My New Blogging Home!

My dear, dear readers:

Thank you so much for your support these past few years.  I feel like each of you has journeyed with me through some of the formative years and experiences of my life, and for that I am deeply thankful.  Quite frankly, this blog would have been nothing without each and every one of you!

And it is with great joy that I announce that I will be blogging from now on through Christianity Today, on a shiny new site that they have created just for me!  I am their first blogger of color, and I’m grateful for their trust, as well as the opportunity to share my family’s story with even more people.

I will keep up this blog with a few posts for the time being, but will probably not add new content in the future.  From now on, please visit my new blog:

Again, thank you and see you on the other side!