Newtown is a True Christmas Story

***This post was first published on December 18, 2012***

The above picture is what twenty 5-year olds look like.

It’s Christmas time, which we all know, is the the most wonderful time of year.  Joy to the World, and all that.  And there is good reason for this, both culturally and theologically.  We get to take time off from work to give and receive gifts and spend time with the ones we love.  And as Christians, we celebrate the birth of Christ, and the love that the incarnation represents.

But it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit as I imagine what took place in Connecticut, as a gunman cornered kindergartners in a room and shot them to death.  Many of the children were the same age as my daughters.  As I picked them up from school on Friday afternoon, I could not help but imagine that it was they who were trapped in that room as a killer pointed a gun at them and their friends and pulled the trigger.  The horror of the thought took my breath away. Continue reading “Newtown is a True Christmas Story”